Case Study: Digital Voucher Management System for Popular Spa & Aesthetics Company


Customer: An award winning & popular Spa & Aesthetics company in Singapore. (Case-Trust Accredited company)



The SPA company management wanted to adopt a digital solution to sell subscription-based beauty & spa packages to customers. These treatments could be redeemed in multiple sessions.


It was a tedious task for the company to manually track the multiple sessions booked by customers and to organise data.

On the other hand, customers also faced inconvenience as they had to call or email the outlet to track their number of sessions pending for use. This process lacked transparency.


We implemented the Vouchermatic’s digital voucher management system which:

  • Included a Custom designed, app-less mobile wallet
  • Streamlined Multiple-session vouchers issuance
  • Included clear and concise information on session details, expiry dates, terms and redemption conditions
  • Allowed for easy usage for customers & the company as it did not require any integration or hardware
  • Integrated with the CRM system (Also custom developed by our team) to help the company manage & track all customer leads within one system


With Vouchermatic’s digital voucher management system, the spa & aesthetic company was able to:

  • Digitise the entire process of the subscription packages from issuance to redemption in a seamless way
  • Easy traceability of customer sessions (pending & used)
    As a result, the company achieved transparency in its product & service offerings when issuing multiple-session packages.

As a ‘case trust’ friendly system, Vouchermatic supports Case-trust accredited companies to instill confidence in their customers and protect their interests to create an ideal consumer-business environment. As such, we have tailored our features and provided benefits that align with CaseTrust accreditation policies.