Interactive Fortune Cookie Campaign

CNY marketing
Engage and appeal to customers with the Fortune Cookie minigame. Integrate gamification into your campaign to give your customers an interactive chance to win a voucher, gift card, or prize!


Capture your target audience through fun and addictive minigames to keep customers coming back

Completely Customisable

Customise your minigame's look, mechanics, and incentives according to your brand and campaign image

Easy to Set Up

Vouchermatic's enterprise grade API platform makes setting up minigames easier than ever on both in-app and off-app options

Fortune Cookie

Game Mechanics that Gamify User Behaviour & increase app engagement

 Minigames are a powerful tool to market your brand and increase user engagement. Ensure that your minigames Curate a dynamic experience that represents your corporate image with Vouchermatic. Our gamification platform offers a variety of minigames that can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Boost engagement with minigames

In the competitive market for customer attention, gamification puts you ahead of the curve. Incentivisation through minigames ensures that customers stay with your brand. Boost app engagement and be on top of the competition.