New-Age marketing & customer engagement tactics for Retail

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Increased Engagement
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Make marketing campaigns more engaging by incorporating elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards. Keep customers coming back for more and encourage them to interact with your brand.

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Drive sales by offering incentives for customers to make purchases. This can be done by offering discounts, coupons, or other rewards for completing certain tasks.

More Leads Collected
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Collect data about customer behavior. Use data to improve marketing campaigns and target customers more effectively.

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Dive into actionable Ideas for New-Age Marketing that will empower your business to excel in this new era of retail.

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    Free White Paper Download​

    Dive into actionable Ideas for New-Age Marketing that will empower your business to excel in this new era of retail.

    Incorporate game elements into your marketing campaigns at every stage of the customer journey.

    retail voucher

    Draw customers to your brand with digital vouchers & discounts!

    retail voucher
    • Attract New Customers with Cool Incentives
    • Push out discounts to appeal to customers!
    • Interest potential customers in sweet and juicy deals.
    • Distribute vouchers easily with a single QR or alphanumeric code!
    • Advertise your vouchers on social media!

    Drive Sales & Footfall with rewards. Engage with gamification & bring your customers back with an exciting loyalty program!

    Stamp Cards for Retail

    The easiest yet very engaging gamification of your loyalty program

    Social Media Voucher Drops

    Grow your social media following by dropping limited time incentives - excite & engage your social media users.

    Mobile-First Customer Engagement

    Find out why and how you can utilise mobile phones to your advantage!

    Referral Programs

    Create one-way or two-way referral campaigns

    Games attract attention with their innate ability to excite.

    Enrapture your event’s audience with thrilling games that leave them wanting more!
    scratch & win
    • Draw customers to your booth with exciting games!
    • Suitable for both physical and virtual events.
    • Individual games like Stamp Cards or Event-wide games like Lucky Draw are available.
    • No need to download any apps—the games are all held online.
    scratch & win
    food vouchers

    Retain Existing Customers with Loyalty Programs

    Show your customers how much you value their business with awesome and exclusive rewards. Stamp Cards and point systems let them see their progress in getting the next reward to encourage them
    food vouchers
    • Loyalty rewards show your customers that you value their business.
    • Dish out rewards that are easily claimed and redeemed.
    • Integrate it with minigames to add that extra fun into their voucher collection process.

    Customise Your Designs

    Put your brand name out there by customising your voucher and game designs.
    Make customers remember your brand, logo, and what you stand for.

    Vouchermatic lets you customise the designs of both your vouchers and games.

    Spread brand awareness with your brand image!

    Personalise your coupons to add a personal touch with your customer interactions.

    Incentivise Customer Feedback

    A good business improves on their business with feedback. Reward customers for sharing their thoughts on how you can do better!
    customer feedback incentives
    • Offer rewards in return for customer feedback!
    • Respond to feedback to improve your business and show your customers you care
    • Incentivise customers to post good reviews to attract people to your business!
    customer feedback incentives
    employee gamification helps to assess strengths and weaknesses

    Collect Customer Data with Integrable Forms!

    The first step in personalising and creating a great customer experience is knowing what your customer likes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to collect this data to bolster your customer’s shopping experience.
    employee gamification helps to assess strengths and weaknesses
    • Our games and management system are integrable with Google Forms.
    • Collect customer data before they redeem their vouchers or play the game!
    • Use the data to segment your customers for targeted campaigns!
    • Data can be exported in an .xls or .csv file.

    Retail Marketing

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