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Stamp Collection Incentive Program

Any customer touch point has a potential to engage with your brand! Avoid a static run-of-the-mill campaigns & integrate gamification with your marketing so that you can provide your customers with an unforgettable experience. The options to customise the look and feel of your games & loyalty program are endless with Vouchermatic’s gamification platform for retail & events.

Stamp Card Gamification is a powerful tool that can be used to build customer loyalty.

Build strong brand loyalty with customers with this interactive incentive program. Similar to the physical loyalty stamp card, this digitalised stamp card gamification feature will motivate customers to collect stamps in exchange for rewards, discounts or coupons, you decide! 

Experience the Journey

Full Stamp card Journey

5 Gamification features to Boost App Engagement

Today, businesses are rewarding customers for multiple actions, be it a referral or purchase, to lure customers to their loyalty programs. By implementing gamification features into your app, you can offer different rewards for different actions. These interactive and creative incentivisation strategies will certainly help generate leads and promote long-term relations.

It’s now your turn to transform your incentives into a game!

simple system

User friendly system. Easy for marketing teams to use


After customers have collected all the stamps, a reward, voucher or coupon will be issued in real-time through SMS or email


Capture customer data & track their progress. Gather & analyse valuable data to help you plan your next marketing campaign!

stamp card system

Gain Traction & Drive traffic To Your Store!