Voucher System for Shopping Malls

voucher system for malls

Unleashing Loyalty & Incentives in Shopping Malls

Offer Rewarding Experiences For Customers for Visiting
Your Mall!

voucher system for malls

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    We may collect and use your data for for the following purposes only:
    1) performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of services requested by you.
    2) verifying your identity
    3) responding, handling and processing your queries, applications, feedback & complaints.

    A successful shopping mall understands that

    customer loyalty is key to its sustained growth. Loyalty programs provide a structured approach to nurturing these relationships, rewarding customers for their continued patronage.

    Building Customer Loyalty
    • To thrive in this competitive landscape using unique loyalty program
    • Offer benefits such as exclusive discounts, personalized rewards, early access to sales, and special event invitations.
    • Offer  tangible incentives, make customers feel valued and appreciated, fostering a sense of loyalty and encouraging repeat visits
    Build Up Your B2B Relationships
    • Show your business partners you value your relationship by gifting them vouchers. 
    • Send vouchers out in bulk to all your partners. 
    • Set up personalized dashboards for your partners.
    • Track your voucher redemption and transactions in real time. 
    Motivate Customers to Participate in Mall Campaigns
    • Gamify your events with virtual minigames!
    • Thrill your customers with luck-based Lucky Draws or Spin-the-Wheel!
    • Collect customer data with integrated forms for your next targeted marketing campaign.
    • Suitable for both physical and virtual events!
    Online-to-Offline Strategies
    • Easily send out online vouchers to your loyal customers to be used in-store. 
    • Attracts customers to your mall and nets you the ROI you deserve. 
    • Implement self-claim automated process for evouchers
    evoucher marketing system
    evoucher marketing system
    Bring Up Your Sales with Rewards
    • Give your customers a reason to return by offering them rewards.
    • Incentivise customers to spend more at  your stores with eye-catching vouchers! 
    • Rewards can be easily redeemed with
      QR or alphanumeric codes.
    Embracing the power of referral marketing
    • Amplify your customer base
    • Expand reach and cultivate a community of loyal customers who actively advocate for their favorite mall.


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