Loyalty & Incentives Management for Beauty and Spas

Freshen up your business with bubbly rewards and programs!
SPA Voucher System

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Are you a CaseTrust Accredited company?

As a CaseTrust Accredited Beauty, Spa and Wellness Business, your Consumers who have made prepayment
must be assured that the value of their un-utilized balance will be protected.

Real-time issuance of voucher/ session bundles

issue a bundle of vouchers or session cards to your customers on payment completion

real-time issuances

use email or SMS for real-time distribution

SPA Voucher System

Easy redemption

Your customers can claim one session upon each visit

Complete Transparency

Your staff & customers can easily track session used & balance. Provide complete transparency to your customers as required by CaseTrust

And Here’s How We Helped
a Popular Spa and Aesthetics Company!

voucher system for spa

Automated Voucher Tracking

voucher system for spa
  • Easily track your vouchers with Vouchermatic!
  • Automate distribution of single voucher or a bundle of vouchers
  • API-first platform allows integration into your
    existing systems.
  • Vouchers sent instantly to customers through
    emails or SMS.

8 Business Marketing Ideas :
Attract More Customers to Your Spa

Therapeutic Games Right at Your Doorstep

brand marketing
  • Simple games take your customers’ mind off
    their troubles.
  • A wide variety to choose from, including Spin-the-Wheel, Lucky Gift Box, and others!
  • Don’t need to learn to use our software—we’ll
    handle the technical side!
brand marketing

Referral Programs

Incentivize your most loyal customers to refer you to their friends and family!

Stamp Cards

Measure your customers’ loyalty and reward them accordingly!

Social media & Influencer Marketing

Be endorsed by the gurus of social media!

Salon voucher system

Retain Existing Customers with Loyalty Programs

Salon voucher system
  • Fun stamp cards and point systems!
  • Tiered program to motivate customers. (e.g. Stamp Card)*
  • Integrate gamification into your loyalty program to encourage signups.


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