Rewards & Loyalty Management System

Engage & Reward Your Customers

Digitalise your membership programs through an efficient customer loyalty management software

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Benefits of a Membership Management System

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49% of consumers agree that they spend more after having joined a customer loyalty program

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76% of consumers think that loyalty programs are a part of their relationship with brands

Targeting Millennials

 Millennials are known as the least loyal customer demographics & businesses are struggling to win their loyalty. However, with Vouchermatic’s Membership & Reward Management Systemit will help you solve this & establish long-term brand loyalty with these consumers. (RetailWire)

Types of Customer Loyalty Programs

Badges & Gamification

Upon completion of specific actions assigned by the store, customers will receive badges that are exchangeable for rewards.

Tiered Loyalty

There are bronze, silver and gold levels to be attained by customers. Moreover, the higher they progress, the more benefits they receive.


Stamp Card

Customers can collect stamps on your e-loyalty card and once a certain number of stamps are collected, prizes can be redeemed.

Long term customer retention

Long-term Customer Retention

Sales and Patronage

Increase Sales & Patronage

Relevant customer data and trends

Gather Customer Data & Trends

Enhanced B2C Communication

Enhanced B2C Communication

motivate recurring actions

Give your customers a sense of achievement by associating each challenge with a benefit such as unlocking badges

reward specific actions

Each badge or tier can be achieved by a set of actions. Additionally, you can track these actions to learn how customers are interacting with your brand

api first

API First Platform - providing flexible & easy integrations with other systems


Reward management system features

engage beyond transactions

In addition to completing challenges and unlocking badges, incentivise customers to engage with your content, or give feedback

real-time distribution

Provide instant gratifications for your customers with instantaneous voucher or reward distributions


Our highly secure system helps to eliminate fraud such as 'in-house voucher schemes' often perpetrated by staff within the business

Digital & Real Time

With Vouchermatic’s fully secured and real-time customer loyalty program system, you can engage with your digitally savvy customers. As a result, this allows you to successfully entice and interact with them.

Besides, Vouchermatic will guarantee a seamless process for both you and your customers

Building Loyalty with Millennials

Find out the problems & solutions businesses face when building loyalty with millennials