Spin The Wheel Voucher System

Spin The Wheel Voucher System

Spin the wheel

Engage Customers On Mobile

“Wheel Of Fortune” or “Spin The Wheel” mobile vouchers are a creative marketing technique to captivate your users, especially millennials. This gamification element in vouchers and coupons has been used by big brands. 

With Vouchermatic we have made it easy for you to create your first “Spin the Wheel” Campaign.  

Be in full control of how many vouchers to offer, who to offer them, and how often customers win. Create your own reward rules and frequency

Use Spin the wheel voucher campaigns & gamify customer behaviour

Spin the Wheel today has evolved into the digital landscape, as a part of loyalty programs and online events.


Plan how many times your customers will play this game to win rewards.

Manage WINS

Manage reward winning probability and availability of vouchers.

Capture Data

You can choose to capture customer data such as their Name, Email and Mobile No. before spinning the wheel


Integrate with your existing APP, Website or eCommerce platform


Kickstart your gamification journey

Vouchermatic’s Spin The Wheel gamification platfirm for an ordinary loyalty program to be fun and enticing for your current customers and shoppers.