Spot the Difference

Longer engagement period to help build positive brand association

spot the difference
Keep your customers glued to their phones—and your brand.

A great test of observational skills for your customers.
Never a dull moment when squinting at the screen to scope out all the differences!

Easy To Use

Tap or click on the differences to mark them out!

Flexible Mechanics

No time limit, no pressure. Or Create a time limit for your customers

managed service

With Vouchermatic you don't have to worry about learning the system & spending time to setup campaigns yourself. We take care of everything for you.

Marketing automation

Trigger the game to your customers automatically

spot the difference

Higher lead generation

Customers would be intrigued by the familiar game and would want to try their hand at it. Exposure to your brand can only result in customers interested in what you have to sell.

Easy loyalty cultivation

With such a fun game, customers can associate the enjoyment with your brand. This betters their relationship with you, which can ultimately lead to better loyalty.

Draw attention to new products

Making the images that of your new products can help customers remember them more, since they are constantly engaged with it during the game

spot the difference

Customise images

Customisable images—use any image you want

Customise no. of differences

Customise the number of differences on your images!

real-time rewards

Offer rewards in form of loyalty points, e-vouchers, e-coupons on successfully completing the game

customer data acquisition

Integrable with survey forms like Google Forms to easily collect customer data.

The Future of Rewards & Incentivisations

 If a reward or incentive program is not digital, many consumers will not bother. In an age where we use our mobile phones for almost everything, reward and incentive schemes need to follow suit

Keep your customers glued to their phones—and your brand—with Spot the Difference! If you’re interested, contact us today to get your gamification campaign started!​