Digital Gift Vouchers

Digitalise your incentives 
Digital gift vouchers or coupons are an great way to instantly reward your customers

Voucher Management System

With Vouchermatic, you can easily manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your e-vouchers, e-gift cards and e-coupons. The system enables tracking, monitoring and reporting of status of vouchers from issuance to redemption


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Digital gift vouchers are growing rapidly at 200% per year, while physical ones are only increasing at a rate of only 5-6%. 

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More than one-third of gift card shoppers become repeat customers and 70% spend more money when using a gift card.


Our awesomely open API’s can allow you to integrate this with absolutely any system eg: POS, Finance & CRM

We can help you customise the voucher management system to cater your current business requirements

Long term customer retention

Build Customer Loyalty

Sales and Patronage

Increase Sales & Customers

Relevant customer data and trends

Gather Customer Data & Trends

Enhanced B2C Communication

Create Brand Awareness

Festive Vouchers

Implementing festive vouchers on occassions such as Easter, Christmas or new years is an excellent strategy to entice new users, enhance user engagement, and remain relevant.

Festive vouchers

Grow your business with Vouchers

Find out how a gift voucher system can help grow your retail business, both physical & e-commerce stores