Community Engagement games
Tap the Falling Objects

catch falling objects

A Simple & Intuitive Game

There are only two rules to this game: catch the goodies, and avoid the bombs. Swipe your phone screen to direct your in-game hands so that the goodies will land in them!

Customize game text & Falling objects

Flexible Mechanics


Customize Background design

Easy To Use

User friendly system. Easy for marketing teams to use

Real Time

Catch the objects in 1 minute for a sure-win

Build CRM Data

With our survey function you can use a short form before the game and win to capture customer data

catch the falling objects game

The Future of Rewards & Incentivisations

 If a reward or incentive program is not digital, many consumers will not bother. In an age where we use our mobile phones for almost everything, reward and incentive schemes need to follow suit

Drive user engagement & traffic
to your online & physical stores

Choose to reward every alternate customer or every customer. You can decide to reward a coupon, or a small consolation prize just for playing when your customers  don’t win.