Open a Mystery Gift Box Campaign

Gamification marketing
Mystery Gift box is an easy-to-use minigame to help you increase you customer engagement & improve retention. 

Reward Management System: Benefits of incentivization

Combine elements of gamification and incentivisation in minigames to effectively engage new customers and acquire important customer insights for your business.

Leverage marketing automation and gamification as a part of your reward management with Vouchermatic. Implement the right incentive program to help your business engage customers.

Immersive Experience

Create a compelling incentive campaign that draws customers in with a fun and addictive minigame.

Fully Customisable

Customise your minigame’s look, mechanics, and incentives to meet your brand image.

Flexible Use Cases

Apply minigames to your campaign to boost any form of targeted engagement behaviour, in any scenario.

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Implement Gamification Anywhere

Whether it be for virtual events, brick and mortar stores or online sales, our gamification options can be implemented anywhere to boost sales for your business. Talk more with our team to find out how gamification can work for you.