Incentive Automation

Create a more efficient and effective system for rewarding and incentivizing your customer behaviors
incentive automation

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    We may collect and use your data for for the following purposes only:
    1) performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of services requested by you.
    2) verifying your identity
    3) responding, handling and processing your queries, applications, feedback & complaints.

    Incentive automation improves engagement, motivation, and performance by providing efficient and effective personalized incentives.

    Increased engagement and motivation

    Incentive automation can motivate individuals to achieve specific goals or behaviors, leading to increased engagement and motivation.

    Tangible rewards : Vouchers, Points, Badges

    By providing tangible rewards, such as points, badges, or discounts, individuals are more likely to participate and stay engaged in the process.


    Improved performance

    Incentive automation can lead to improved productivity, sales, customer satisfaction, and other desired outcomes.

    Efficient & effective reward distribution

    Save time and resources while ensuring that rewards are delivered accurately and fairly.

    Here's how we helped a lifestyle company attracting new customer segment & Increasing Signups Using Real-Time automated Incentives

    voucher system for spa

    Automated Incentive Tracking

    voucher system for spa
    • Easily track your incentives with Vouchermatic!
    • Automate distribution of single incentive or a bundle of incentives
    • API-first platform allows integration with your existing systems.
    • Vouchers sent instantly to customers through emails or SMS.

    Customer engagement means prioritising value creation before revenue gain.

    Mini-Games with incentives for Higher Engagement

    • Simple games take your customers’ mind off
      their troubles.
    • A wide variety to choose from, including Spin-the-Wheel, Lucky Gift Box, and others!
    • Don’t need to learn to use our software—we’ll
      handle the technical side!

    Referral Programs

    Incentivize your most loyal customers to refer you to their friends and family!

    Stamp Cards

    Measure your customers’ loyalty and reward them accordingly!

    Social media & Influencer Marketing

    Be endorsed by the gurus of social media!

    Incentive Campaigns with Stamp Card

    • Fun stamp cards and point systems!
    • Tiered program to motivate customers. (e.g. Stamp Card)*
    • Integrate gamification into your loyalty program to encourage signups.


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