Customer Engagement System: Creating the Ideal Customer Experience

customer engagement system

According to a study by Loyalty 360, 90% of B2B and consumer audiences agree that brand experiences delivering stronger personal interactions offer more compelling brand engagements.

In today’s market, customers no longer focus solely on the quality of your products or services, they prioritise and cherish brand interactions as well.

How a business can effectively communicate and deliver the information that they need at the right time is what constitutes an ideal customer experience.

Through these interactions, a customer can determine whether to patronise your brand or abandon it.

An ideal customer experience converts to greater customer loyalty and revenue growth for your business.


"Customer engagement is all about encouraging your customers to share their experiences through the interactions made with and created by your brand."

Businesses that successfully execute the customer engagement strategy will foresee greater brand recognition and build stronger brand loyalty.

Customer engagement means prioritising value creation before revenue gain.

Traditionally, businesses used to rely on mainly traditional advertisement platforms, phone calls and email to interact & communicate with customers. However customers today prefer social media as it is a fast & convenient alternative.

That is where a customer engagement system comes in.

Companies today use multiple marketing strategies to engage their customers on various platforms. A customer engagement system or a promotion system can help you achieve higher engagement in an Omni-channel way!

In this article, we will dive into various types of marketing campaigns you can implement using a Promotion/Customer Engagement System.



Firstly, let’s talk about how gamification can help with customer engagement.

As we have discussed before in our previous blogs, gamification entails games such as Spin & Win, Shake the Tree or Scratch & Win where users can participate and play to win rewards.

Such gamified interactive content is an effective marketing strategy to motivate customers to interact with your brand.

Hence, a Customer Engagement System empowers you to execute gamification marketing through pushing promotions and rewarding incentives to your clients.

Personalised Marketing

A Customer Engagement System allows you to track customer behaviour and gain actionable insight with customer data.

Its intelligent automated system generates and sends personalised messages and content to individual customers across multiple channels.

As such, a customer engagement system can establish personalised marketing based off a couple of variables such as their purchase history, social media activity and interest.

As an example, let’s say a customer had recently purchased a Nespresso Coffee Machine.

A Customer Engagement System would record this purchase history and automatically send a personalised message to the customer and offer a 15% off gift voucher on coffee capsules.

personalised marketing

By making use of customer data, a Customer Engagement system can establish a deeper connection with customers by pushing promotions, incentives and notifications about upcoming events related to their unique attributes and interests.

It is a smart way to get customers to purchase more from you or establish customer loyalty.

Generic content is not enough to engage and catch the attention of your customers. You need to engage them with personalised content that touches their heart and make them feel valued by your brand.

Seasonal Marketing

A Customer Engagement System can be a useful tool to streamline multiple campaigns during seasonal occasions.

For instance, on a customer’s birthday, a Customer Engagement System would send a customised letter to wish a customer a Happy Birthday along with personalised gift voucher.

Especially during unique occasions and holidays, businesses that send personalised messages and thoughtful recommendations will definitely lift the spirits and captivate customers.


It is the incremental interactions that a business does that adds customer value and motivates them to stay loyal to you.

Besides, these interactions with your customers can significantly improve campaign participation, click-through rates and increase revenue when customers are motivated to spend more during the holiday season.

Timely and Relevant Campaigns


Lastly, you can engage customers with Timely & Relevant campaigns.

Timely and relevant marketing is often overlooked and thus, leads to the downfall of many business marketing initiatives.

These two elements must be implemented cohesively and does not work without the other.

Firstly, timely means marketing and pushing content at the right time. It means delivering your brand message in conjunction recent trends, events, occurrences that are surrounding us.

Your audience must recognise that your brand is sending a message to address a recent event.

Alternatively, you may use it intelligently to your advantage while addressing the recent occurrence.

Now, timeliness is crucial but it is redundant without relevancy.

To market with relevance, you need to take into consideration your audience’s needs, desires, and thinking.

It is important to stay up to date with current trends that intrigue your audience and align with their needs and desires at the current moment.

When your initiative is launched, your audience should have a positive impression of it and agree with the message.

Because at the end of the day, the customer is king.

Your marketing efforts will be flushed down the drain if they are not interested or worse, feel repelled by your marketing campaign.


While it can be challenging to keep up with customer expectations in this fast-paced and competitive omni-channel world, a customer engagement system can definitely help by automating and streamlining the process of running the various types of marketing campaigns.

Customer engagement starts with understanding your customer’s needs and wants before offering a solution. It opens up opportunities to connect with your customers and deliver the right message at the optimal time.

Offering thoughtful recommendations, incentives and personalised messages along the customer journey can keep your customers engaged with your brand emotionally.

Forming close customer relationships and creating the ideal customer experience can lead to greater customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and eventually gather higher sales.

In this customer-driven society, you need to start putting your customers first in every marketing initiative you push out.