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Hotel voucher management

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    Hotel voucher management

    Manage Enticing Discounts for Your Guests

    Hotel voucher management
    • Attract customers with promotions!
    • Consolidate all your voucher information in
      one place.
    • Know who receives which voucher and 
      when it is redeemed.
    • integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.
    Here’s How We Helped a Resort Hotelier Increase Membership Signups!

    Gamify your digital incentives for brand recall

    Our games are completely customisable. Implement games like Spot the difference for longer engagement with your brand & for brand recall. 

    How about an image of your lobby? Can they spot the differences?

    Spot difference
    • Engage with minigames like Jigsaw Puzzles and
      Spot the difference
    • Give them something to look forward to when they stay with you.
    • Get them more involved with your brand.
    Spot difference
    Hotel voucher management

    Establish Yourself in Your Guests’ Minds

    Make customers remember you with a bundle of e-vouchers or minigames played within your hotel property! 

    Hotel voucher management
    • Give your customers memorable experiences
      with games and gifts.
    • Loyalty programs prompt guests to return back to your property outlets
    • Attract new customers with a disruptive marketing scheme.

    Easily Leverage on Seasonal Booms

    Seasonal rewards promote brand recognition and also add fun to your offerings. For example, a digital Ang Bao with small value rewards is great for CNY. “Find the Prize” would be especially popular during Christmas—the season of giving. 

    find prize
    • Capitalise on school holidays and festive
      seasons. Promote Staycation vouchers
    • Push out offers quickly and efficiently with
      no delay.
    • Allows consistent offers across all your channels.
    find prize

    Some Use-Cases you can consider

    Stamp Cards

    Motivate your guests to come back and stay with you!


    Guests can complete puzzles of famous landmarks around your area!

    Recovery Vouchers

    Alleviate your guests’ bitterness when things go wrong with discounts!

    Sell e-gift cards online

    Allow guests to purchase your gift cards online as gifts for their loved ones

    Welcome Bundle

    Offer a bundle of e-vouchers on self check-in at kiosk

    Collaborative vouchers

    Collaborate with local attractions & businesses and offer their vouchers for FREE to your guests

    Hotel voucher management

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