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    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Empower bloggers, youtubers & influencers to share your incentives easily & in real time.
    influencer marketing

    Benefits of Influencer Marketing

    Credibility & Trust
    Audience respect influencers' content & recommendations. This will enhance your brand's reliability when you engage in influencer marketing

    Brand Awareness
    Influencers can greatly expand your reach, presence & positioning online. Tap on their followers & expand your customer base

    Enrich your contents
    Attract customers with fresh & authentic contents and posts created by influencers. Customers will appreciate this, leading to higher turnover rate

    Reach your target audience
    Engaging with specific influencers will allow you to precisely target specific groups of customers efficiently, with limited time and resources.

    Why should you adopt Influencer Marketing?

    1 %

    89% say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels

    1 %

    49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when purchasing

    Trackable & Real-time

    All information acquired from customers & influencers’ campaigns are fully trackable and stored in our highly secured system. Easy references can be made digitally, anywhere & everywhere.

    With Vouchermatic’s voucher and coupon management systems, digital vouchers and coupon codes are sent instantly via SMS, email or in-app, allowing you to enhance customers’ overall experience

    Build Loyalty with Customers

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