Stamp Collection Program Physical & Virtual Events

Virtual events are a canvas of potential to engage your audience. Avoid a static run-of-the-mill event by integrating gamification so that you can provide audiences with an unforgettable experience. The options to customise the look and feel of your event are endless with Vouchermatic’s gamification platform for events.

A powerful tool that can be used to build customer loyalty.

Create excitement at your virtual events using minigames. The Stamp Collection program motivates attendees to participate at booths and speaker sessions. Reward your audience to make your next virtual event dynamic.

Experience the Journey

Full Stamp card Journey

Boost Engagement

Any engagement behaviour can be boosted with the Stamp Collection Program. Give attendees an interactive, fun experience.

Represent your Brand

Represent your brand the way you want to be seen. Our platform offers a wide range of options to customise your campaign's appearance, mechanics, and incentives.

Seamless Automation

Vouchermatic provides seamless automation options. We ensure that your attendees and sponsors have a hassle-free experience earning and giving rewards.

Level Up Your Virtual Events with Vouchermatic

Vouchermatic’s gamification platform for events can help your business achieve its event goals. Our dedicated team works through your event goals, game design, rules, and participation choices with you to ensure maximum effectiveness. All our minigames are fully customisable so that your minigame will represent your brand.

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