Level Up Your Virtual Events With Vouchermatic

Gamification platform for events

While the rise of virtual events in recent times might be due to the pandemic keeping audiences at home, the importance of engaging audiences virtually has proven that virtual events are here to stay. 80.2% of event organizers reported being able to reach a wider audience through virtual events in 2020 (Bizzabo).

How can your business leverage virtual events and engage your audiences effectively? Are gamification platforms for events worth investing in?

Gamification is a growing trend in virtual events that engages audiences through their screens. To put it shortly, it provides a dynamic experience through interactive games that audiences play to receive points and rewards. Gamification works by inducing intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivation through fun and rewards. This model of engagement creates excitement and leads to increased brand interaction and participation. Looking for a gamification platform for events? Read on to find out more about some of Vouchermatic’s gamification options!

Stamp Collection Program

The Stamp Collection Program allows your attendees to collect stamps after attending different virtual booths at the event. When attendees complete the activity or presentation at a booth, they receive a stamp. Upon collecting an ‘X’ number of stamps, you can allow your attendees to redeem their stamps for a reward. This not only helps motivate your attendees for visiting multiple virtual booths, but it also guarantees attendance at speaker sessions.

The campaign simulates a loyalty program for your virtual event to make sure that everyone engages with the content you want them to. Different types and stages of incentives can be customised to your event, so it doesn’t matter how many booths or activities you plan to host. With the Stamp Collection Program, audiences will come away with a holistic, comprehensive experience and feel motivated to further engage with your brand. 

Gamification platform for events

Scratch to Win & Spin the Wheel

These two minigames operate in a similar manner, where an attendee will receive a scratch card or spin the wheel chance upon fulfilling an action such as a purchase or attendance. For instance, when an in-event purchase is completed, the customer will automatically be alerted of their Scratch to Win chance that is available in the app or online through a QR code. They can then try their luck by scratching the card, and win a prize, reward, or voucher. A similar process occurs for the Spin the Wheel minigame, allowing attendees to spin the wheel for a chance at winning a variety of rewards. In this use case, both minigames would be able to boost conversion rates and allow sales to skyrocket during the virtual event.

The strengths of Scratch to Win and Spin the Wheel lie in their flexibility as minigames that can be applied to a variety of use cases. Depending on your needs, any ROI-positive behaviour from sales to survey participation can be boosted using simple but effective minigames. 


Gamification platform for events

Digital Lucky Draw

The Lucky Draw is a mass game that can involve all participants in the virtual event. Beginning from registration, audiences can be automatically entered into the lucky draw to stand a chance at winning prizes. You can choose to modify the incentive model to award more chances to attendees who register early. Depending on your event goals, you might also choose to reward attendees who participate in chat sessions hosted in the virtual event.

Conducted online or in-app, the digital lucky draw minigame is a seamless, swift, and effective way to add excitement to your virtual event. This form of gamification can be tailored to suit a variety of engagement objectives, but what sets it apart is its ability to engage all attendees at once.

By engaging all attendees at the specified lucky draw timing, the Lucky Draw creates mass excitement and anticipation during the event. Results are automatically drawn in real-time and streamed live to all the attendees The winners can be drawn at any allotted timing, though it is recommended that it be at the end of the event. Announcing the winners of the lucky draw at the end of the event keeps attendees on their toes as they may not want to miss out on winning something. After all, it always helps to end the event with a blast and provide an unforgettable experience. 


Gamification can level up your virtual event by optimising audience engagement, sales conversions, brand exposure, and audience satisfaction. Make your virtual events dynamic and reach your attendees beyond the screen.

Vouchermatic’s gamification platform for events can help your business achieve its event goals. Our dedicated team works through your event goals, game design, rules, and participation with you to ensure maximum effectiveness. All of our minigames are fully customisable so that your minigame will represent your brand. The right gamification platform for events can help you make your virtual event a smash hit. Contact us to learn more!