Coupon Management System

Real Time Digital Coupons For Your Customers

Create | Distribute | Redeem


    Vouchermatic's Digital Coupon Platform

    Vouchermatic provides an easy-to-use digital coupon platform for your business – from creation of coupons, to distribution & redemption. Easily create multiple coupon campaigns such as first time visit rewards, discounts, 1-for-1 deals & more.

    Empower your marketing teams to engage the tech-savvy millennials through rewards & incentives.

    Why Digital Coupons?

    Digital coupons are growing in popularity

    Millennials have higher expectations for customer experiences and digital coupons (such as mobile coupons offer instant gratification leading to great customer experience)

    They are the cheapest and most effective way to reward your customers through various marketing campaigns

    Digital coupons are fully traceable & secured

    Benefits of a Coupon Management System

    1 %

    96% of millennials mobile users search for digital coupons to discover promotions and deals before making a purchase

    1 %

    77% of shoppers say discounts can influence where they shop, and 48% say they can speed up the decision-making process

    Types of Mobile Coupons​

    Barcode Coupons


    Mobile Coupon Wallet


    QR Code Coupons



    Analytics Dashboard

    Voucher/Coupon Designer

    Highly Secure System

    Easy & Interactive User Interface

    Deliver Direct to Customers via Email or SMS

    Campaign Manager

    Easy Redemption Process

    Minimal Learning Curve

    Instant, Real-time Delivery to Customers

    Easy Integration to Any Marketing Campaign

    Coupon Your Business To Success

    If your customers love coupons, then so should you! Here are some reasons why businesses today are implementing elaborate coupon strategies.