Use Cases

Provide instant gratifications for your customers with vouchers or rewards allow you to increase membership signups.

Digitalise your customer loyalty programs through an efficient customer loyalty management software.

Scratch & Win – works as a great engagement tool to motivate interaction & boost engagement.

Fortune Cookie Game is an effective way to engage your participants online.

Reward Tiles Game – Use this instant gamification feature as a part of your rewards strategy.

Vouchermatic offers a hassle-free and automated voucher distribution system that allows real-time vouchers to be issued.

Digital Lucky Draw System For Retail Promotional Campaigns

Motivate potential customers to take action and engage with your brand

Engage your event attendees with e-vouchers and e-coupons from your exhibitors.


 Image Lucky Draws involves image raffle which adds to the excitement and engagement of winning prizes in this luck-based game.

Jumpstart your Spin & Win campaign and start rewarding your customers with instant gamified incentives.

Engage your customers with a Mobile Spin-The-Wheel (Spin -n- Win) Campaign. Use gamification as a part of your rewards strategy. Engage & Attract Millennials.

With annual dinners. community events and conferences going online, a digital lucky draw system can help you take your lucky draw online.

With a one and two way incentive system, you can send out rewards to both the referrer and the referee motivating both parties to engage in your referral program.

With 87% of shoppers beginning product searches on digital channels (retail dive) An online to offline strategy is paramount for all brick & mortar retailers to be discovered.

Digital Incentives continue to be the number one reason to help boost response rates.

With a fully automated Voucher Management System, businesses can distribute bulk vouchers efficiently, whenever they wish to.

With a proper  voucher and coupon management system in place, digital vouchers and coupon codes can be sent instantly via SMS, email or in-app, allowing you to enhance your customers’ overall experience.

A proper voucher management system is able to customise partner codes for businesses in all industries. 

Incentivising customers’ for App downloads is an essential step in driving traction and return purchases.

Offer Great customer service and obtain customer satisfaction with a specially curated Customer Service Recovery system for your business

A Voucher Management System enables tracking, monitoring and reporting the status of vouchers from issuance to redemption.

Offer real time incentives for your customers to encourage them in coming back again

Digitalise your stamp collection loyalty program to take advantage of various benefits, such as ease of customisation and feedback collection

Boost your customer retention rate and sales with mobile incentives delivered in real time

Use gamification as a part of your rewards strategy. Engage & Attract Millennials.

Gamify your loyalty program with Shake The Tree type games to attract more millennials to your business

 Use Spin the Wheel gamified vouchers as a part of your rewards strategy. Engage & Attract Millennials.

Scratch and win system- Use this instant gamification feature as a part of your rewards strategy.

With a flexible lucky draw management system, you can offer seamless event lucky draw registration for your customers.

Marketing Automation offers valuable opportunities to engage your guests and customers and motivating them to spend more and visiting your store again!

Increases user retention with Gamification strategy. Applying gamification makes the user experience more enjoyable, works as a powerful tool for engaging & promoting regular app usage.

Win more customers with referral campaigns that make it easy to recommend your business.

Turn Your Incentives Into a Game!

The days of loyalty cards are long gone. They have given way to eVouchers & coupons. Customers, looking for immediate gratification, want incentives that can be redeemed easily and immediately either online or at stores. Therefore, to stay ahead in the competition, companies must adopt creative and interactive incentive strategies. Here are some effective tips for gamification of voucher systems