Boost Customer Feedback & Survey Response Rate by 15% with real-time mobile incentives

Reward driven feedback is one of the best ways to encourage your customers to share their thoughts and opinions

Boost feedback rates

Easily build your reward driven survey or feedback using Google Forms

Vouchermatic is integrated with Google Forms to make the process easy and user friendly for your marketing team

Google Forms

Why Vouchermatic?

Capture Data

Offer incentives for customer opinions and in the process capture valuable customer data 

Instant Rewards

Trigger instant mobile rewards on mobile on completion of the survey, feedback or review 


API First Platform – providing flexible & easy integration with other systems


Our highly secure system helps to eliminate fraud such as ‘in house voucher schemes’ 

Vouchermatic is easy to use

Customer Scans QR Code

google form

Gets directed to survey/ feedback form


Completes & submits survey/ feedback form


Receives mobile voucher in real time

Are you working towards increasing your NPS Score?

Your Net Promoter score provides an accurate indication of whether people love your products or services, and that is of high importance for sustained growth. Want to know more about NPS score and how you can adopt this methodology?