5 Gamification features to Boost App Engagement

Gamification with Vouchermatic

According to the Deloitte Report, by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials – a generation that grew up on computers and video games. Hence, gamification in the workplace and every aspect will find wider appeal with millennials.

One such area which retail businesses should be looking at, where gamification can potentially be the game changer is “rewards & incentivisation”. In this digital age, the days of physical loyalty cards are long gone due to the long waiting time needed to earn rewards. The desire for instant gratification is on the rise, and people want to receive and redeem their rewards, evouchers, coupons etc instantaneously. Effective loyalty programs are now being powered by gamification features to promote App engagement.

Today, businesses are rewarding customers for multiple actions, be it a referral or purchase, to lure customers to their loyalty programs. By implementing gamification features into your app, you can offer different rewards for different actions. These interactive and creative incentivisation strategies will certainly help generate leads and promote long-term relations.

It’s now your turn to transform your incentives into a game!


Here are five gamification features your business can leverage:


  1. Scratch The Card


Digital “Scratch & Win” vouchers serve as a creative marketing technique to captivate your users, especially millennials. Used by large companies like McDonald’s, Lazada, Nike & many more, this tool has proven to be effective and well-received by many.

With exclusive vouchers, coupons or gifts hidden behind the scratch card, this gamification feature brings a ton of excitement and element of surprise for your customers!

Being a fully digitalised game, it serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to the physical version, which many customers will certainly appreciate.


  1. Spin The Wheel


Everybody’s favourite “Wheel Of Fortune” or otherwise known as “Spin The Wheel” gamification tool will surely bring your digital voucher campaigns to a whole new level! Equipped with a chance feature, where winnings are purely based on luck, it gives an authentic feeling of excitement as though you’re at a Casino!

What’s more, is that you’re in total control of how many vouchers to offer and how often customers win. You can create your own reward rules & frequency.

This Spin The Wheel campaign will entice traffic to your site/app and serve as an engaging way for customers to get a discount, a win-win for business and customers alike.


  1. Shake The Tree


Another potential idea to enhance your app engagement and allow customers to have fun with your brand is through “Shake The Tree” gamification. Making customers perform a specific action like “shaking a tree”, in exchange for a reward is an effective way to build engagement. In return, this promotes long-term customer relations and return purchases.

Just like other gamified features, the chance to win something activates the brain’s reward system in the same way as a drug does. The result of this? I would say it is “Excitement” & “Satisfaction” for customers, all of which are essential for sales growth.


  1. Lucky Gift Boxes


If you are into opening gift boxes or want to create a similar experience of receiving a present during Christmas, this gamification feature is for you.

Engage your customers and millennials with this fun game where they stand a chance to open any three gift boxes with the possibility of winning a surprise voucher, discount coupon or free gift from any one of the boxes!

To keep things fun, you can decide to reward a coupon, or a small consolation prize just for playing even when customers don’t win. Definitely a good way to keep customers coming back!


  1. Stamp Collection


However, if you are opting for something more traditional and similar to the physical loyalty stamp card that most businesses use, you would prefer this digitalised stamp card gamification feature. This has similar functions and purpose as the former.

Not to forget, rewards are now redeemed in real-time, straight into the user’s mobile devices. This satisfies the desire for immediate gratification. This gamification feature will undoubtedly trigger nostalgia as customers remember the good old times where physical stamps are collected for discounts.


Final Thoughts

Change is the only constant in this digital age we live in. To stay relevant and attractive to the masses, you must embrace technology. If a reward or incentive program is not digital, many customers will not bother. In an age where we use our mobile phones for almost everything, reward and incentive schemes need to follow suit to ensure success.

Don’t wait any longer. Take action & make a difference now!


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