Case Study: Digital Lucky Draw Implementation


Customer: A home appliances  technology company that helps create intelligent appliances for home & offices 



Due to Covid-19, the company conducted a virtual Dinner & Dance event with employees attending remotely. The objective was to conduct an engaging  Digital Lucky Draw online and allowing all employees to participate & experience the lucky draw.


Close to a hundred employees were  expected to participate in the annual D&D event. The company’s event marketing agency required  a Digital Lucky Draw system with which over 40 draws could be conducted in real-time with screen sharing over an online conference.


We implemented the Vouchermatic’s Digital Lucky Draw System where by the guests were able to:

  • seamlessly self- register online
  • enroll into the lucky draw
  • experience the draw live in real-time
  • receive winner notifications in real-time



  • We set-up the entire campaign within a week
  • We created a custom draw page which was designed to be consistent with the event theme & colors
  • We created a custom designed self-registration page integrated with QR Code
  • Set up the prizes for the Draws, and
  • Implemented set of rules and T&Cs for the Digital Lucky Draw based on company’s requirement


With Vouchermatic, we provided a Digital Lucky Draw system to achieve the objective of  a digital automated lucky draw, allowing seamless registration of its large number of guests. In addition, it enabled the customer to achieve the following:


  • Real-time Digital Lucky Draws hosted via online conferences that induces a sense of involvement and interaction amongst the guests, creating a “wow” factor
  • Automated Notifications were sent to the winners of the draw informing them of redemption of prizes and more
  • Branding consistency reinforces brand recognition, ensuring the lucky draw theme aligns with the rest of the event branding