Case Study: Scaling Loyalty for a globally renowned fishing equipment brand

loyalty management system

A globally renowned Japanese fishing equipment brand that seeks to provide the fishing equipment with their state-of-the-art technology.

The company was looking for a Membership & rewards management system that could support their loyalty program and establish itself in a new market- Singapore.

They desired a platform that was

  • easy to use
  • could offer various types of incentives
  • be scaled up as they expand in the region,
  • and that allowed them to design the digital loyalty card design as per their brand guidelines

Technical Requirements:

The company needed their members to be able to

  • self register themselves via scanning a QR code.
  • No apps or other files to be downloaded to access the loyalty program.
  • Showcase rewards & loyalty points on same screen
  • Features such as automated birthday vouchers, bonus points during birthday month & easy points redemption  
  • A scalable loyalty program that can accommodate a large membership base 
  • White-labelled solution.


Vouchermatic’s loyalty platform and automation engine were tailored to meet the specified requirements.

Loyalty & Rewards wallet
  • We implemented a self-registration process for members who indicated interest in joining the membership program
  • To increase the membership take-up rate, we introduced 500 bonus points for new members on signing up
  • The QR code was showcased on company’s website, social media and also instore.
  • Wallet was designed as per the company’s branding guidelines.
  • Additionally, members would be entitled to earning five times the points on their first transaction during their birthday month as another bonus.


  • By utilizing our loyalty engine, the firm established a loyalty scheme that enables their patrons to accumulate points and redeem them for perks.
  • Membership registration became effortless for customers via QR code scanning, requiring only their mobile devices, without any additional hardware. They could accomplish this from anywhere, anytime.
  • To facilitate smoother and quicker enrollments, in accordance with the fishing brand’s preference, members were not required to download any software or files to participate in the loyalty program.
  • Furthermore, the comapny now consistently implements voucher drops on social media platforms to incentivize new memberships.

In conclusion, Vouchermatic offered a secure and scalable white-label solution, which allowed the brand to customize its loyalty program with unique designs and features, including a tiered system. This facilitated an increase in brand visibility and exposure to customers.