Case Study: Helping an Online Marketplace on Shopify Manage Co-Branded Vouchers Securely

shopify integration

A Singapore based one-stop marketplace for parents – that provides parents with deals and promotions for children’s enrichment and entertainment.

The marketplace was built on Shopify. The company needed a way to facilitate easy and smooth issuance, redemption and tracking of third-party vouchers (purchased from partner companies) displayed on their website. These vouchers target parents and offer exciting experiences for families.

However, the huge number of partner companies makes tracking the end-to-end lifecycle of vouchers from each individual company difficult. They required a solution that could enable full traceability of vouchers no matter which partner company they come from and can attribute those vouchers easily to the partner company for reconciliation purposes.


  • They needed a solution (a shopify voucher app) that could be incorporated onto their platform
  • Track Entire lifecycle of vouchers
  • Multichannel distribution of evouchers (SMS & EMAIL)
  • Easy redemption method for all partners
  • Adequate data protection measures that met the standards of the DPTM.
  • Customisation of design to fit branding needs, as well as a white-labelled solution.

Did not require hardware to be used during redemption at partner companies.
Independent system that supported co-branded vouchers.




  • Our team integrated Vouchermatic – A shopify Voucher App seamlessly with the company’s ecommerce marketplace. 
  • As an API-first platform, the process was quick & efficient.
  • Implemented real-time evoucher issuance on purchase completion on the website

Multi-Channel Distribution

  • Multichannel distribution was enabled such that buyers received the vouchers via email and SMS for a seamless user experience. 

Tracking & Reporting

  • Vouchermatic enabled the tracking of the entire lifecycle of vouchers issued from creation to redemption.
  • Issuance & Redemption reports
  • Dashboard to view which campaigns are performing better

Design & co-branded vouchers

  • We implemented co-branded vouchers, thus allowing the company to sell e-vouchers from other brands on their Shopify marketplace.
Easy Redemption
  • Vouchermatic’s Pin redemption method allowed the company to onboard varied size & types of voucher partners. 
  • Partners big or small, all were able to redeem the vouchers easily and without the need of any hardware or integration. 
  • With the use of animated elements, the cashiers at the partner companies were able to easily identify a live voucher 
Partner Dashboard
  • All partners have access to their own Vouchermatic dashboard to track vouchers issued and to whom.
  • After redemption, the status of the vouchers would be updated in the system in real-time and available to the admin and the partner companies.
White-labelled solution
  • Finally, Vouchermatic offered a white-labelled solution, and also allowed the company to send in their own designs to customize the aesthetics of their dashboard and their engine to their liking.


All the above implementation resulted in the company being able to:

  • continue using Shopify to sell evouchers
  • track the complete lifecycle of the vouchers sold on their platform, 
  • track each partner performance
  • take on more partners, as the process of onboarding became much faster due to the ease of voucher issuance and redemption
  • Allow sale of voucher bundles (a bundle with evouchers from different partners)
  • flexible mechanics for each partner

In summary:

Vouchermatic was fully integrated with the marketplace on Shopify, without any interruption to the existing business processes. Overall, the company achieved an:

  • Increase in voucher sales
  • Quicker onboarding of new partners
  • Seamless user experience