Case Study: Utilizing Digital Stamp Cards for Employee Engagement and Education

digital stamp card

Ranked as one of the largest professional services companies in the world and is regularly included on the Fortune 500 list. Also a part of the Big Four accounting firms.

We helped Achieve:

  • Increased engagement amongst employees & boosting employee involvement in the event
  • Motivate attendees to explore the different booths at the event and fulfill the assigned tasks at each booth.
  • Infusing a playful aspect to an otherwise monotonous and serious event that needed participants to just complete certain tasks without any incentive.

The company planned to relocate from its current office to a new location, and thus wanted all employees to finish certain assignments prior to the move.

Getting all employees to complete these tasks timely was not easy.

To achieve this, the organization decided to launch an edutainment-style event to inform employees about the relocation and assist them in completing the tasks.


To fulfill the objective above, the company approached Vouchermatic to explore the feasibility of a digital stamp card to engage and educate employees about the Big Move. The following requirements were presented to us:

  • Multiple Stamps :
    A stamp card program where employees can earn a maximum of 5 stamps.
  • Integration:
    Integration of links for feedback and survey forms on the stamp card.
  • Custom Design:
    Branding and design of the stamp card to align with the theme of the event and the company’s image.
  • Third-party incentives:
    The stamp card platform must be capable of automatically issuing third-party incentives upon completion of all tasks and collection of stamps.
  • Milestone-based rewards
    The stamp card should feature rewards based on milestones. The first milestone can be achieved once a single stamp has been collected, whereas the second reward requires the collection of all five stamps.


We implemented Vouchermatic’s digital stamp card, tailoring it to the event’s theme and concept. The stamp card was custom designed for a more cohesive fit.

To streamline the process, we integrated our incentive module, enabling the company to distribute third-party incentives as necessary. The participating employees received their rewards automatically on meeting the milestones.

The prizes were properly awarded based on the number of stamps collected by each employee.


The introduction of digital stamp card made the transition more exciting for employees, giving them a fun way to experience the change. By visiting the booths, the employees were able to complete various tasks,play games and also take up additional tasks for an incentive.

The rewards provided a strong motivation for employees to sign up and to strive for collecting all five stamps. Despite having over a thousand participants, the rewards were efficiently and accurately distributed to the appropriate employees.

The stamp card also served as a convenient tool for the company to gather feedback from employees, as they could easily access forms through the card itself.

We helped the company in reaching their objectives by:

  • Enhancing employee engagement and participation through our “edutainment style” digital stamp card, encouraging them to visit the booths and complete tasks.
  • Providing and distributing third-party rewards to employees who earned the necessary stamps.
  • Streamlining the feedback process by integrating survey and feedback forms into the gamification engine, making it easily accessible for employees.
  • Aligning the game with the event’s theme and concept by custom designing it to match the desired aesthetic.