Case Study: Incentivising Customers to Return to Cinemas Using Gamified Rewards

Gamification for cinemas

We helped achieve…


A company that has been managing silver screens in India & completely redefining the cinema industry in the country. With a wide variety of movie-going experiences for their customers, this company is devoted to providing nothing but the best. 


After two long years of war with Covid-19, countries are finally loosening restrictions, and citizens are going back to their daily lives. Yet, the terror ingrained into people’s hearts cannot be dismissed so easily.

When the company’s theatres were back in business after prolonged inactivity, they needed a way to draw customers back through their doors. This is in spite of the apprehension of being asked to sit for one or two hours in an enclosed area with a bunch of strangers.

The company decided to use incentives to entice customers to return. Something a little extra like discounts could do the trick.


  • Gamified incentives that customers could automatically receive.
  • A system that could use their promo-codes generated by their existing marketing system
  • and easily integrate with their SMS platform
  • They wanted the campaign to be fun & engage customers 
  • A seamless redemption method
  • Real-time reward delivery
  • Anonymised data so no personal data was shared outside of Salesforce Marketing Platform
  • A white-labelled solution.
  • Secure solution


Vouchermatic’s voucher management system was integrated with Salesforce marketing platform that allowed automated, seamless and real-time distribution of rewards to customers on purchase of tickets. The integration also allowed reward distribution, without having to share customer’s personal data.

Moreover, it was easy for customers to receive their prizes sent directly to their sms.

Our Spin-the-Wheel game was ideal in incorporating an element of fun into their reward redemption process. Upon paying for their tickets, customers would receive a link via SMS that would take them to the game. 

To ensure that customers would be more attracted to play the game (and spend more at the cinemas), the Spin-the-Wheel was a sure-win game. No matter where they stopped the wheel, the customers would win a prize, no matter how small. 

To incentivise multiple purchases (up to 3 times per person), the Spin-the-Wheel game could be played any number of times, as long as the customer reaches the spending threshold. Every ‘X’ amount spent entitled them to one spin of the wheel. 

An OTP (One time Pin) was also implemented to ensure security and to validate the customer’s identity before the gameplay. 

Spin and Win gamification for cinema


The project was an overwhelming success, with more customers participating in the Spin-the-Wheel game than the company intended. 

The gamification element & the “SURE-WIN” aspect of the game drew customers in. It was easy enough for customers to access the game, through the SMS link sent to their phones. It was also easy to redeem their prizes online & offline.

Moreover, the whole process was automated, reducing the amount of stress on the company. This also enabled the sending out of rewards in real-time, as it was triggered when customers spun the wheel and won their prize.


Vouchermatic helped the company with their marketing campaign by…


  • Managing rewards and tracking their lifecycles. 
  • Adding an element of fun into the campaign with our Spin-the-Wheel game.
  • Sending SMS  to customers’ phones  eased the hassle in participating and redeeming prizes.
  • Automating the process so the game can be played and vouchers received in real-time.
  • Implementing an OTP for security reasons. 
  • Providing a white-labelled solution 
  • anonymised customer data