Coupon Management System: Improve Your Coupon Marketing Strategies With Personalisation

Coupon Management System
In the current age of competitive digital marketing, consumers have come to expect personalised marketing (Forbes). Evergage’s study in 2020 confirms this, stating that 92% of consumers demand personalised experiences. How does this affect your coupon management system? Personalisation offers the same benefits for coupon marketing in targeting audiences with relevant incentives, lowering bounce rates, improving Customer Relationship and brand loyalty. In this post, we will go through the top 5 benefits of personalised coupon marketing.

1. Target Audiences

With personalized marketing strategy, you can target your customers more effectively with personalised offers that are relevant to them.

For instance, you might choose to target customers by their location. 39% of customers purchase more when offered personalized promotions while shopping in-store (Invespcro). You can also choose the platform by which you target customers. 82% of consumers mainly experience marketing on their smartphones, while 63% mainly do so on computers (Adobe). Personalised marketing on the right coupon management system will allow you to segment your customer base and gain insights on the most efficient and effective way to reach your audience.

A coupon management system can thus help you increase marketing effectiveness by tailoring your campaigns according to customer metrics.

2. Lower Bounce Rates

52% of consumers were reported to likely switch brands when a company does not provide enough personalisation (Salesforce). This shows that when consumers don’t feel understood, they turn to other brands instead. 

Personalised coupon marketing allows you to influence consumer purchase decisions by engaging them with relevant promotions. This way, consumers are more likely to be interested in the products recommended to them and make purchases. 

3. Build Relationships with Customers

Personalised marketing allows you to build more trust, authority, and emotional connection with your customers. Personalised coupon marketing can predict your customers’ needs and make them feel appreciated. 

Consumers trust companies that they feel were built for them (Microsoft).  Epsilon found that when personalisation is used, 80% of consumers are more likely to make purchases. Consumers want to feel more personally connected to brands, and personalised marketing allows your company to achieve this. Moreover, a flexible coupon management system lets you humanise your brand and provide customers with a friendly experience. You can also personalise messaging for coupons to make customers feel special, such as on their birthday or official holidays. This way, your customers will feel more understood and welcome. 

4. Create Brand Loyalty

Improving customer retention through brand loyalty has proven crucial for businesses. Increasing customer retention by 5% has increases profits by up to 95% (Harvard Business School). It is also more economical to increase revenue by retaining customers with personalised marketing instead of attracting new ones.

Personalised marketing creates brand loyalty amongst your existing customers by ensuring that they receive what they need promptly. Using collected data on the customer’s purchase history, a company can understand a customer’s purchase history and what the customer will need after the sale. They can thus engage the customer by providing appropriate information that encourages them to return. For example, an electric car company might support their customers using personalised marketing by offering tips on how to maintain their car. They might also offer special promotions for car accessories that they find the customer might need. These examples of offering relevant content help customers feel understood, enhancing the brand experience and promoting loyalty. 

Coupon Management System

5. Leave a Lasting Impression

Consumers remember personalised marketing campaigns over generic ones that are less purposeful and targeted. Through personalised marketing, you can stand out from your competitors by offering distinct and taste-specific options for your consumers. Customers will be delighted to feel heard by your brand, making them more likely to return for purchases.
Appeal to your consumers and stand out in the market. Personalisation creates memorable experiences, so that consumers remember your brand the next time they want to make a purchase.


When it comes to marketing, personalisation has proven to be the most effective way forward. Vouchermatic allows your brand to enact personalised marketing with a flexible coupon management system. Furthermore, you can choose to use the managed services by Vouchermatic’s team to simplify the process for your business and allow you to focus on the campaign direction rather than the technological specifics.

Personalise your marketing campaign with the right coupon management system to build relationships with your consumer base and achieve results. After all, you can’t transform something you don’t understand. 

Start your journey to understand your customers with Vouchermatic’s dedicated team today. Connect with us here to learn more.