Incentives: Boost customer feedback response rates & build customer loyalty

customer feedback

Covid-19 has left a significant impact on businesses around the world. Many companies have faced and are facing numerous difficulties to ensure that their operations would be minimally affected.

Marketing teams are using this slow period productively to activate their social media campaigns, redesign websites, learning new skills and most importantly spending time and effort to maintain relationships with customers.

One of the ways that we have seen a lot of companies engaging with their customers is via customer feedback and survey campaigns.

Customer feedback or surveys are great ways to connect with your customers and seek their opinion on your products and services. As Kate Zabriske – a training industry expert, once said has- “The customer’s perception is your reality.” However, the problem business owner’s face with this strategy is the low response rates.

Motivating Customer feedback

There are many factors that affect customer responses such as survey design, distribution methods etc, but attaching an incentive to your surveys or customer feedback has proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase response rate.

According to a study by PeoplePulse, there was a general increase of 10-15% in customer responses when an incentive is offered.

Incentives offer a reason for your customers to invest their time in sharing their opinions about your products and it also helps in building up customer loyalty.

Incentives need not be only cash handouts. They could be in form of:

  • Discount Coupons of your products/ Services
  • Mobile cash vouchers to be redeemed on your online store
  • X2 Loyalty points
  • A special promo code to redeem a free gift

Using incentives such as voucher discounts or loyalty program points encourage existing customers who were previously unwilling to participate a reason to do so.

Additionally, incentives will help bring back and retain your past and existing customers. Considering how expensive new customer acquisition is, this is definitely a win-win for both- you and your customer.

According to data from Forrest Research, it costs five times as much to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones.

Festive Voucher

Kick starting your Incentive program does not need to be a complicated process. Being simplistic and efficient, Google Forms is one of the top tools being used to collect feedbacks. With Google forms you can create polls, forms, and surveys quickly.

At Vouchermatic, we have integrated with Google forms to give you a seamless experience from the collection of feedback to offering incentives.

Incentives can give you a significant advantage to increase response rates and build customer loyalty.

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