Case Study: Increasing App Engagement with Gamification

gamification case study

Customer: An asset management & leading motor sales company in Thailand with eWallet and member apps


The company aimed to increase app downloads and app engagement by motivating existing inactive users to engage with the app & new users to download the app.


The company intended to use “shopee style” gamification as a tool for their marketing campaign. This would be achieved by implementing a minigame within their app with the following requirements:

  • Simple to play and participate in
  • Bilingual (Thai & English), so as to cater to their customer base which used both languages
  • Custom graphics and colour schemes that aligned with the business’ branding

We chose to implement Vouchermatic’s “Find the Prize” minigame because of its simple, bilingual and customisable nature. This minigame allowed members to:

  • Login to the app daily to play the game
  • Have 3 chances in the game to select a gift box with a prize
  • Stand a chance to win bonus points (20, 200, 10,000 
  • Redeem their points at the end of the campaign for products
What we did
  • Integrated Vouchermatic’s “Find the Prize” minigame into the member app so that members could easily access the game and interact longer with the brand within the app
  • Automated notifications to alert members of their daily game chance to win prizes, ensuring that customers would engage with the app every day
  • Allocated budgetary limits to the number of points distributed to ensure that customers do not win more points than intended for the campaign
Find Prize Game

With Vouchermatic’s digital voucher management system, we helped the company to

  • Increase app engagement by seamlessly integrating gamification into their existing mobile app to engage with a digitally savvy customer base
  • Increase app enrolment as potential customers gained awareness of the brand through the campaign and were attracted to join the member app by incentives
  • Build customer relationships by reinforcing the points loyalty system with an interactive event that rewarded customers for brand engagement

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