Shake The Tree Vouchers

Create your Shake The Tree Campaign

Shake the tree & win

Let your customers have some fun with your brand. Engage them with an interactive game such as “Shake the tree” to win!


Mobile Rewards

Create a tree of abundance this gifting season. Reward your guests with little surprise rewards -Vouchers, coupons, discounts, free gifts etc. Engage them with the fun games such as  “Shake The Tree” , “Spin The Wheel” or “Scratch & Win

Custom Design

We will customize the tree elements in line with your corporate colors and theme

Full Control

Be in full control of your rewards. Decide how much to issue and when

Plan Probability

Define your own reward rules. Get your customers to play the game everyday or once a week. 

5 Things You Must Know Before Selecting Voucher Management System

A good voucher or coupon system makes the management and processing of thousands
of transactions easy 

Drive user engagement & traffic to your online & physical stores

Choose to reward every alternate customer or every customer. 

You can decide to reward a coupon, or a small consolation prize just for playing when your customers  don’t win.